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Common Voice

About Project Common Voice (Posted in Common Voice category on Mozilla Discourse)

  1. Long pronounced words and "conversation" style sentences
  2. Sentence collection for Japanese language (日本語の文章収集について)
    1. On reading Kanji characters
  3. Copyright Issues in Japanese language Collector
  4. Intentional accent of the sentence
  5. We need a text corpus link
  6. We need a Q&A
  7. Thoughts on Sentence Collector
  8. Common Voice character's name
  9. Mention of Sentence Collector ver.2.0.17
  10. Clip not hearing
  11. Announces "announcements"
  12. Text Corpus Link Collection [First edition]
  13. Ideas for finding public domain text [First edition]
  14. Text Corpus for Collection
  15. Correct inappropriate link text
    1. "Download My Data" link on the platform
  16. First Target Segment in Japanese language
    1. Japanese language: Supplements for Digits, Counters, Popular readings, etc.


  1. Can I waive my copyright?