We need a Q&A

Why doesn't anyone make a collection of questions and answers?
It's crazy!

If you've skimmed this Discourse, you'll understand.
People ask the same questions over and over again.
People give the same answers, over and over again!
How long will this repeat itself?

Good if we want to put ourselves through the hassle.
But the fact is that everyone wants an "answer".

I have so many questions:

Even if the answer is "no" or "can't" or "don't know", a proper answer should be given.
That list of "answers" is!

There's no Q&A on Common Voice. There are no corpus links. In fact, there aren't even topics for each language.
"Why?" I ask the very question itself.

Are we short-handed? Don't we have an idea?
I seek "answers". What are we missing? What do we need?

Insert: 2020-09-26


If we want to activate volunteers in each language, I think we need to make it "easy to understand" in some way. To a non-English speaker, the "alphabetical string" is difficult to read on its own. So it's a lot easier just to keep the information centralized. Yes, even if it works, there will be frequent questions, especially in languages other than "English". It may be impossible to answer all of them. But I'd say it's better than it is now because we easily know where to look (and ask).
There is something missing here that we can "look over". Perhaps the best we can do now is to be able to grasp the "whole". It's about being a foothold for people in minor languages. (Of course, even those who are fluent in English will have trouble sifting through the information.)

Volunteers will appear and disappear, but the important thing is to keep them informed. We should be available for someone to start or resume at any time.

Sharing Information

How do you guys do it? Do you write down every time you ask a question and get an answer? Do you share that information with people in the same language? Maybe if we told the writers (bloggers) guys about this project, they would be happy to provide their voices and sentences, but is anyone sharing the project with anyone else? For example, a Firefox freak or a blogger? At the very least, I think there are close to zero Firefox users in Japan who know about Common Voice. How about in your language?

Hmmm. I also feel like it's "too early" for people to know, because the Collector and even the platform is still in its infancy. But we need a lot of people's voices, right?

Insert: 2020-09-27

Chronological information

I also think it's very important to summarize the information in chronological order. For example, isn't there a difference in the information you get from the Collector tool development stage and after it's released? With We want your feedback: Improving the sentence collection and Extending our sentence collection capabilities, we can't determine whether it's pre-release or later by title only. We can certainly sort the search results in chronological order. But searching for information would be easier if we could easily know when the Collector tool was released (i.e., get the facts) and whether the topic is no longer useful (i.e., has finished its function). Ideally, we are able to know before we read the topic.

Clear datesOmission of dates

The omission of dates is also a problem. Why do we omit dates? That's an important clue for anyone looking for information! (It's a hassle to stack the mouse on top of each other.)

Hmmm, should I post these two issues in the Meta category? But I think it's definitely important to the project.

Re: Post #2

Sorry Michael. I didn't mean to give you a hard time. But you've been a big help. Thank you.

I think this is probably the first question a volunteer would have. So hopefully one day there will be a Q&A page where we can easily find it.

No. We need to make sure edits are approved according to process. What do you mean by “low quality sentences” exactly?

low quality sentences are those that are "unnatural" or "difficult to read" to a native speaker.

Some sentences:

I think you're right, third party approval is necessary.

Additionally for the Sentence Collector the review queue gets sorted by most votes, so we can assure that most reviewed sentences are getting into the data set.

As for sorting the sentences, I don't think it's a problem.

I don’t think jumping to a specific page has any benefit for the project due to that.

I "ignore" sentences that I can't decide if they are "yes" or "no". That could be 100 or 200. Then, when I resumed work, I would have to click the arrow button again and again to see the sentence I hadn't seen before. Or is there a way to move around the page with ease?

...... Maybe, but I'm the only one on the Japanese language Collector right now. The numbers don't work at all while I'm gone. So there are a lot of sentences left that I can't decide on. I don't know how the other languages are working.

I feel tremendous about having to review another 100,000 or 150,000 sentences, maybe alone. So, I tend to give a thumbs up to my own sentences. As for self-review, you mentioned it in Sentence Collector - Review before Submit.

Re: Post #5

Hi Craig. Thank you.
I don't know why I am so actively involved in this myself. I simply love to write and vocalize, and I'm clueless about voice recognition systems.

Yes, you're right, I should let people know. For starters, I wrote a quick guide on my website. In Japan we have an anonymous bulletin board called "5ちゃんねる5Chan", so I think I'll start a thread there. Once I get a little more information.

Yes, for all intents and purposes, I think it should be a wiki. It's too much for me to handle on my own!

It seems that discourse can create a wiki, but I don't seem to have the authority to do so.
Ref: What is a Wiki Post? - howto / faq - Discourse Meta