Correct inappropriate link text

I mentioned it in Post #4 on "Download My Data" broken? - Common Voice - Mozilla Discourse.

1. Profile page, "Download My Data"

If it says Download My Data people will misunderstand that it's supposed to download their own recordings (yes, sure, we're on the profile page. But how many people would care about that? And since we can delete the voice data from this page, it's only natural to assume that we can download it as well!). I'm sure there are others out there who are wondering about this.
It should be reworded to say something like "Download my profile settings" and indicate that the output will be in a text file.

2. Recording page, "Share your clip"

The same goes for Share your clip button on the recording page. It clearly says "clip". But what it actually provides is a link to promote
Of course this was meant to say "Tell people that your clips are available". But it can be misleading. Why did we make the text so confusing? Why can't we just "Share the Common Voice project"?

Do we need a "link to promote" during the recording in the first place?

If everything is fine as it is, the designer should show why.
Unnecessary designs are distracting to users and add unnecessary worry. Task execution should be the first priority.