Announces "announcements"

Is there a reason for our reluctance to make announcements?

Information should be shared with everyone

Why don't we announce an important announcement to everyone?
Why set up a dashboard but not utilize it?
Am I the only one who finds it "unfriendly"? It's not fair!

How hard is it to announce? But if there are facts that are already running, then it should be announced at That way, people, including first-time visitors, will know that the project is "working".
Should only visitors to the Discourse know about the project's progress?

Simply link the topic of the announcements tag from the's top page.
For example,

Yeah, just this.

Providing information is communication.
We are always waiting for information and change.

Place to share

I understand that dispersal of information is not desirable. But the Discourse is not a great way to aggregate information. A forum is just a forum. Shouldn't announcements be made elsewhere?

My posts like this cause important topics to flow away! In other words, it cannot be easily discerned in importance by a person or by a machine.

We struggle to distinguish between inaccurate and ambiguous information and "facts". Is it a question or feedback (sometimes it's both), a discussion or an announcement? There is a tag to distinguish it, but this too may not be attached by the poster or may not be accurate.
To use an example, I personally think that [ACTION REQUIRED] New Sentence Collector Infrastructure and Improvements deserves an announcements tag (because of the system updates, the impact on volunteer efforts, and the deadlines for some tasks).

Reasonable public relations

For example, how many of the people reading this topic are aware that a survey is now being conducted?
I missed it, despite the fact that I joined Discourse in September and was actively looking for information. The biggest factor was probably that I didn't know the word "survey". Even if someone is fluent in English, they may have missed it because of the sheer volume of topics.

Yes, try going to MDN. You'll see the words Take the survey even if you don't want to. What's the difference? Ref: Screenshot from MDN on 2020-10-17
Of course, we don't have to do this kind of ad-tainted harassment; has the most traffic, so all we have to do is put the link here.

What do you think, @lissyx?
Shouldn't it be indicated if the survey has a closing date or if it is done indefinitely?

Design to communicate

The MDN survey button will follow us. Mozilla is ...... No, like any individual or group, they do this kind of "design" knowing that the advertising that follows us disgusting.
It's a culture I would never want to bring to Common Voice. I want the topic and survey links to stand out, but please, don't make this ridiculous "design".

Links that follow the user, i.e., links that are fixed to the screen, are "ads".

Silence is not content

Yes, it' s true that I only have to press the X button once. But I don't even want to do that task, and I'm tired of this kind of screen-occupying content. If I wipe my browser's data, it will show up again.

Do you think I'm a complaining user? Yeah, we just shut up and use our content blocker. That's how we keep each other's mouths shut.

Other complaints and requests I've written about in We need a Q&A.
For some reason, Common Voice is not very good at pulling links. Even the link text is not satisfactory.