Clip not hearing

@russellboverton Hi russellboverton, how are you doing after that?

If any of these apply to you, the person who made the recording is likely to have made a mistake. I recently found some clips in my language where the voice wasn't recorded. Perhaps they didn't check to see if they were able to record it.

Whatever the cause, Common Voice should show people how to deal with these common questions. The same goes for playing the recording, and also for the recording itself. If we're going to invite more people to join us, directions should be written for those who are not familiar with digital devices. Most users may play sound (e.g., watching videos), but they've never recording before.

Ah, I mean, We need a Q&A. But I'd like to have this kind of thing written down on the edge of the platform, though.

Re: Post #3

If you don't see the sound icon on the tab, it may mean that the sound output itself is not working.

I can't answer more than that because there are so many factors. I'm sorry.

If the sound itself isn't coming out, I don't think it's a bug in Common Voice.

If you're using Firefox, you could try relying on a.k.a. SUMO (you'll need a Firefox Account to post your question):

I've searched for Discourse and they all seem to be clip issues:

You might try searching Google or other sources for symptoms. Ref: browser audio no sound - Google