Mention of Sentence Collector ver.2.0.17

Can I ask a question in this topic?

Personally, I would have liked to keep the voice activity and the sentence collection activity separate (for privacy reasons), but I think it's fine.

Thanks for the update, everybody!

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Thanks Michael!

I’ll need way more info for this to be looked into. Can you record this?

Please tell me if there is any shortage.

By saving a reference to the user. A submission id does not directly identify the user, but it’s easy to find out a user given a submission ID in the backend.

So, can the user search for other users and sentences?

Can you elaborate on that?

Yes. In short, I profess to be on Common Voice, and I don't want people to guess what my "voice" is. And I'm worried that Mozilla (or other people) will tie my voice profile to my Discourse profile. As you can see, I'm obviously active when it comes to sentence collection, so I feel very close to the distance between Discourse and sentence collection. The integration of the platform and the Collector tool made me feel somewhat uneasy.

But I'm too worried about it. I'm paranoid.
Sorry. Please don't be offended; I'm skeptical of any organization, not just Mozilla. I'm a wimp.

Yes, both the Mozilla project and its community are valuable encouragement to me.

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There should IMHO not be any explicit functionality to search for all sentences by a given user without having access to the database. However while validating this I found a bug that would make this possible, which I’ll fix.
Edit: will be fixed with the next deployment

Yes, what I'm worried about is duplicate sentences and sources, so if the Collector tool automatically detects that, I might not need to be able to search for it.

The reason I'm so fixated on user searches, or who was involved in collecting the sentences, is because I want the user to feel responsible. It's good to see some interesting sentences coming out ...... but on the other hand, I'm worried about the use of language that could be hurtful to people. It's really nice to see more people participating, but in the aspect of self-governance, I have concerns.

Yeah, I'm waiting for the next update.

If you use different containers, you could nicely separate those without having to log out every time.

So containers and profiles are different functions. I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me about it.

@mkohler Did you put an announcements tag on it? Thank you.

I think this topic should be linked from the Collector tool. The Migrate Account page doesn't even have a closing date on it.

As I wrote in Announces "announcements", the announcements are inadequate. Volunteers and visitors are not being notified of any significant changes. The information is still stuck in Discourse.

Tell everyone what we do. I'm sure some people will be interested in the detailed changes.

Maybe, really, when a sentence is removed for any reason, we should announce it in the Collector tool. Volunteers will be in disbelief, especially when the numbers have moved significantly. Eventually, they will ask why in Discourse. And the users who collected the sentences may be displeased.

Think about it. Both the reporting of copyright issues and the decision to remove them are done "behind the scenes". Certainly the movement is public. But if there is no trigger, no one is going to look at it. It's not surprising that many users feel that they are not being taken seriously.

I have shown on my site how much Japanese sentences have been removed and why they were removed. I thought it would be sincere to do so. No matter how small the readership was (even if I was the only volunteer), reasons and changes should be shown.

I know it's hard to deal with 100+ languages. But if we're a team, it has to be shown.

Besides, we need to show that the Tanaka Corpus is a corpus that cannot be used in Common Voice, right?
The Collector tool should also have a complete list of such "disabled corpus".

That's it for now.

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What time zone is the due date based on? Developer's time zone?
It may be a small thing, but when we're dealing with people from all over the world, I think it's good to have that kind of consideration. It's a clear time limit, so to speak.